SLIS Art Show Details!

Panopticon is having an art show!

Dates: 11/11-11/18
Location: Collaboratory, 4th Floor of Palace Road Building, Simmons College
Opening Reception: 6:30-8:30 PM, 11/11
Our artists:
Anna Lawrence
Anna Lawrence is a third year SLIS student with many years of angsty poetry under her belt. As soon as she understood how words connected together, around age four, poetry has been a passion of hers, leading to publications in several state and local collected works. Though she has performed in open mic nights and story slams, this is her first art show.

Anna Robinson-Sweet
I am a painter, printmaker and installation artist based in New Haven, CT, originally from Brooklyn. My work examines how collective memory is shaped and embodied–in architecture, monuments and archives, for example. My practice is project based; each project begins with research into a temporal or physical site. The medium and physical manifestation of the project is guided by this research.

In the past, my work has been shown at the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, Recession Art and Gowanus Loft, all in New York, and at Artspace in New Haven. My guerilla public art project, “National Register of Historic Places” was covered by Hyperallergic, TimeOut New York, Brownstoner and Urban Omnibus. I graduated from Yale in 2011 with a major in art and am currently pursuing a masters in archives management at Simmons SLIS.

Bridgett Kathryn Pride
Bridgett Kathryn Pride is a second year dual degree Library Science student at Simmons College studying Archives and History. She is a crochet artisan, selling small wearables on Etsy through her shop, Little Bridgie Flair. Bridgett is a Bi-Racial Californian interested in the plight of African American Women during the nineteenth century. Her artist inspiration is drawn from nature and celestial bodies.

Crystal A. Johnson
b. 1987, Atlanta Ga. Crystal A. Johnson holds a BFA in Printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design and studied painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. She lives and works in Providence, RI.

Des Alaniz
des alaniz rides her bike to the bar and plays the tinder drinking game. she has the wiggles and her time is now.

Hannah Yetwin
Hannah Yetwin is a first year Archives student with a recreational background in abstract painting and drawing & commissioned works. She began her undergraduate career as a BFA candidate (but has a BA in psychology) and has been involved in visual arts for her whole life. She is inspired by nature, urban landscapes, and the weird world around her!

Ivy Kuhrman
Ivy is a full-time SLIS student, and a part-time paper cutter. She discovered the beauty and power of X-Acto knives at a young age, and she has been manipulating paper with them ever since.

More of her work can be seen at

Kristin Alexander
Kristin writes short stories and poetry but dabbles in photography, painting, and collage work. She is inspired by travel, mountains, parties and the post-party aftermath, horses, the ocean, and her platonic and romantic relationships. Kristin has recently been focusing her work on her time abroad in Seoul.

Lee Carter
lee carter is the most interesting man in the world.

Melissa Wallin
Melissa is a pancake and maple syrup lovin’ northern Michigander who has given her heart to New England. She loves to laugh at everything both ordinary and inexplicable, like driftwood from Lake Superior that resembles a squid!

Michelle Mitchell
Michelle is a lover of crafting. She mainly crochets and knits. Michelle learned to crochet at the early age of 9 and only recently learned to knit 2 years ago.

“Yarn Scraps Afghan” is one of many pieces Michelle is currently working on. This project has been ongoing for about 3 years. Michelle is also working on crocheting a scarf and knitting a hat.

Michelle currently resides in Boston and is originally from Stratford, CT.

Sadie Padial
Sadie is from Oakland, CA and eager to talk about that with you. She meant to go to art school, but instead she came here to yell.

Sarah Towne
Sarah by no means considers herself an artist. She is, however, a craft addict with way too many supplies to be healthy. Her inspiration comes from too many hours longing to create things once she leaves an art museum but has no outlet to do so. Inspired by Kerri Smith’s books that prompt you to create stories while also gluing weird lint from your pockets to pages, Sarah would much rather play with paint and glitter than just look.

Tara Pealer
Tara Pealer is a SLIS generalist with far too much time on her hands, a passion for visiting art museums, and a desire for attention. Inspired by other art snapchats, such as, Tara wanted to use the snapchat platform to interact with art in a funny amusing way and make her friends laugh. She has no actual good reasons for the things she does. Her snapchat is tarabplr. People following her on social media validates her emotional status.


ARTISTS: This workshop is designed for artists to gain skills and knowledge to support best file management practices and strategies. We will go over:

  • What metadata actually is and how you can use it to manage your files by using a standard set of vocabulary words.
  • Everyday workflow strategies, design, and management.
  • The artist questionnaire – what you need to know about your digital media when submitting to an institution.
  • The role of copyright when considering preservation of your work, and understanding a work’s lifecycle in the digital realm.
Bring your laptops, hard drives and or anything else relevant to your file management process.

INFORMATION SCIENTISTS: This is a great opportunity to get hands-on experience working closely with individuals responsible for managing their own data. By and large, artists maintain their own assets and develop their own workflow designs and systems of organization for their collections without necessarily knowing about the best practices and guidelines that aid this process. In short, lending our expertise to artists is a crucial component to supporting their practice.

Data Management for Artists!

datat_art_036-mrkPanopticon is putting together it’s final/crowning event for the semester: a hands-on, DATA MANAGEMENT FOR ARTISTS workshop. We’ll be doing an overview presentation, but the bulk of the workshop will be breakout groups focused on providing arts-oriented data management counseling.

Do you know any artists who could use some help coming up with strategies for handling their digital assets? We’re talking systems of organization, tools and plans for incorporating metadata into their lives (including using controlled vocabularies), best practices in file naming conventions, approaches to preservation for different kinds of media, search engine optimization, the works.

Are you someone who’s interested in participating in the event on the LIS side? Let us know!

Saturday, May 7th from 1-5 PM.

Workshop it Out

Panopticon, ALA, and PLG Present:


Wednesday, April 6th, from 6:30-10 PM <– Note the slight change in times

Featuring speakers:

Dawn Stahura (Beatley Library), Sarah Ruggeiro (Papercut Zine Library), Linnea Vegh (North Bennet Street School), and Mckenzie Mullen (SLIS)

6:30-7:30ish – Student/Faculty Lunch Room in the Main College Bldg
(Talk shop)
~Transitional peek at the makerspace in Beatley Library~
7:30ish – onward – The Collaboratory (Workshop)

BYOScissors, but we’ll provide photocopiers, glue sticks, typewriters, tons of magazines to cut up, ideas, staplers, pencils, pens, etc.

$$ raffle to benefit Papercut Zine Library + win some cool prizes…




Artist Books Online

So we made a worthwhile discovery tonight. It’s not cutting edge, but it’s new to us, so it’s likely new to you, too, and if you have any interest in text encoding, this is a resource that you can really take a plunge into.

Johanna Drucker heads up the Digital Humanities over at UCLA (though this project is under the auspices of the University of Virginia), and one of her many cool projects is the Artist Books Online. From the website,

“ABsOnline consists of files that display artists’ books, exhibits, essays, and links to other collections or resource materials for this field. There is an index of agents (authors, publishers, binders, printers etc. of books and works represented), titles (of works, books, and sometimes objects), contributors (authors of essays, exhibits, commentary), and of collections and other resources.”

Artist Books Online



Meet & Greet & Eat Pizza (Again)

Come and interface/stuff your face with your friendly campus arts librarianship organization! We want to know what you want to see from us, and we can’t wait to tell you about what we have in the works for this semester. panopticon_meet_02022016_flat

Remember: Big plans require big pizzas.